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I was cajoled into this show by promises of Space Macbeths and a Messiah in a red dress. I suppose I should have expected such emotions, in hindsight. I was doomed from the start.

Being moi, I spent most of the mini-series cracking my knuckles and waiting for Gaius and Six to come back because I do not care about battleships blowing up, oh my fucking g o d. That's not to do it any disservice, having done the miniseries in one, three hour sitting and also being enraptured by Laura Roslin, struck by Kandyse McClure's inability to age and fall madly in love with some crusty old dude called Saul which is something that I feel I will probably regret. Also, Boomer. But, my priorities are my priorities and when you introduce a character by having her snap the neck of a baby and then play a key role in destroying humanity, as well as her lover who isn't on anyone's side, I really don't care about the fate of humanity or things going BOOM.

What a brilliant relationship, though. I love Head!Six (is that right? Am I saying that right?) in that red dress, the lines of flesh totally in juxtaposition to the grimy darkness of Galactica--and special shoutout to the cinematography who decided on that blue light, because it's totally ruining my life right now. I'm glad they cast a model/actress in this role, managing to inhabit the stature of something omnipresent and ultimately immoral inside his head.

Sadly this show has been out for ten years and I've been spoiled on some future plot points, but I'm really looking forward to where this is going.


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